Best Wooden Cutting Boards 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Freshware 2. Utopia 3.  Kitop
Freshware Bamboo Best Wooden Cutting Board Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Cutting Board Kitop Bamboo Cutting Board

This article is written explicitly as an all-purpose guide for cooking preparation in the best wooden cutting board available in today’s market. Ever since the rise of plastics, wooden cutting boards have seen a sharp decline due to their relatively higher price .

Wooden cutting boards are highly durable and reliable when compared to cheaper plastic cutting boards. While the plastic counterparts may be easier on our pockets, they are degrading for knives and may increase toxicity levels in our food.

Not only are the best wood cutting boards beautiful, but also an all-round winner when it comes to real kitchen experiences. So, let’s take a look at the best wooden cutting boards.

Top 17 Best Wooden Cutting Boards 2021

1. Freshware Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Freshware Bamboo Cutting Board Set Best Wooden Cutting Boards

The Freshware Bamboo cutting board set is a three bamboo cutting board package. Though bamboo isn’t strictly a wood but a form of grass, it is equally durable and knife friendly as the best wood cutting boards.

The set contains three bamboo cutting boards of different sizes, with the largest having dimensions 13 x 9.5 – inches and the smallest being 8 x 6 – inches. This range in sizes allows for the cutting boards to be used for a variety of purposes.

Both the larger boards are equipped with handles on one side, and the smallest board is a solid block of bamboo. The set is given an edge grain finish that increases durability and adds to the overall look of this beautifully designed cutting board set.

Bamboo is free of toxins and is naturally durable. When the high durability is paired with the non-toxicity, we get a long-lasting non-toxic solution for our cutting board needs.

Thousands of positive reviews are proof of the cutting board set’s durability, quality, and ergonomic design. However, several complaints about the boards’ apparent lack of thickness are concerning.


  • Highly durable
  • Non-toxic
  • Beautiful design
  • Amazing for knives
  • Affordable price
  • Attractive range in sizes


  • Thin and flimsy
  • The edge grain finish adds durability but is not as good for knives as an end-grain finish

2. Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Cutting Board

Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Cutting Board

The Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Cutting Board, as the name suggests, is a cutting board made of bamboo. Though bamboo is a form of grass, it is highly durable and improves on all the qualities of a wooden cutting board.

The single large cutting board features a juice collector around its outer rim and has dimensions 17×12 – inches. Due to its large size, the board helps cut veggies, fruits, and meat in larger quantities easily. All the juices secreted by your food will collect inside the juice collector, this drastically decreases the chance of spillage, and the juice collector can act as a makeshift handle when the board is dry.

An edge-grain finish increases durability, but is not the best option for your knives. The edge grain finish also makes the board look more classy and fit in well with modern homes. Other than the juice collector and the edge-grain finish, the board is quite simple in all regards and has no other special features.

Since bamboo is naturally non-toxic, it does not decrease your food’s quality by adding unwanted toxins. This non-toxicity combined with the naturally high durability gives you a cutting board that can last for years and adds to your precious health.

Thousands of positive customer responses stand testament to the board’s quality and high durability. However, a few complaints about the board warping are concerning, especially after oiling the board very well.


  • Very durable edge grain design
  • Non-toxic
  • Juice collector
  • Very affordable
  • Safe for knives
  • Looks beautiful


  • Board may become warped if not taken proper care of

3. Kitop Bamboo Cutting Board

Kitop Bamboo Cutting Board

This is the best bamboo cutting board with a unique design. Bamboo is an upgrade over wood in most regards, and even though bamboo is a grass, it has clear advantages over a simple wooden cutting board.

The KITOP bamboo cutting board has a unique design that is not only ergonomic but also long-lasting. With a metallic handle on one side, handling the board is easier than most handle-less boards. However,this metallic handle can become a problem if your hands are wet with juices.

Along with a handle, the cutting board is equipped with a juice collector along its edges. This cutting board is especially useful when you need to keep your kitchen counter clean. Moreover, the juice collector can act as a makeshift handle when your handles are too set to use the slippery metal handle.

The board’s bamboo has an edge-grain finish that increases the durability of the board, however, it is not very good for knives.

Since the board has no stands, it can be used on both sides, essentially doubling the board’s lifetime.

With hundreds of positive reviews, the KITOP bamboo cutting board is one of the best wood cutting boards for those who are willing to spend a few extra bucks. However, the alarming reviews about the board showing signs of being split after a wash can cause concern.


  • High durability
  • Premium quality
  • Sturdy metallic handle
  • Juice collector


  • Not very good on knives
  • Splinters may be present after a wash

4. Royal Craft Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Royal Craft Bamboo Cutting Board Set

The Royal Craft set is a beautiful bamboo chopping board set made of high-quality organic bamboo. The set has a total of three chopping boards. Each board has different dimensions- starting from the biggest – 15x10x0.6 inches and down to the smallest – 9x6x0.6 inches.

The boards are designed with the edge-grain pattern, and due to this, they are highly durable. A non-toxic chopping surface provides the safest start to your dinner. Along its edge is a deep juice groove, this juice groove holds all the secreted juices. This keeps your kitchen counter clean and stainless.

Made of organic bamboo, the set is highly durable and works well with most knives. Also since bamboo is not a wood but is in fact a grass, it is more affordable than wood.

Each board in the set can be easily washed and cleaned. Being water resistant reduces the chances of bacteria development inside the board. The set’s boards have no stands and hence can be used with either side on top. This allows us to essentially have two separate cutting boards in one.

The boards sport a classy dark design. With their clean logoless look and an everlasting beauty, this set of bamboo chopping boards is truly a crown for any proud kitchen owner.

Thousands of reviews recommending this cutting board set are a testament to its high quality and premium design. But on going through the reviews extensively, we found a recurring problem with the set’s susceptibility to being washed and then showing signs of splinters and other cracks.


  • Beautiful and classy design
  • High durability
  • Premium feel and build
  • Juice collector


  • Susceptible to washing and needs to be conditioned regularly.

5. Royal Craft Premium Bamboo Cutting Board

Royal Craft Premium Bamboo Cutting Board

The royal craft premium bamboo cutting board is a high quality moderately priced bamboo cutting board. Although bamboo cannot be considered a wood, its grass like structure has far more fibres than wood which increases overall strength.

This single board has base dimensions 18×12 – inches along with several other variants. Although the XL variant is the best choice according to an affordable budget and with its large size, can be used for cutting larger quantities of meat and veggies.

Present along the edges of the board is a juice collector that ensures a no drip experience even with vegetables that secrete loads of juices. This juice collector can act as a handle as there is no dedicated handle present, this design choice is careless considering the board’s large size and high weight.

Bamboo is naturally free of any toxins and no chemicals are added to this cutting board, making its use safe for everyone. You can use this bamboo cutting board to cut fruits for your toddlers without risking their health.

Since the board is flat on both sides, it can be flipped over for a completely fresh new face once the other side is scratched up. This doubles the board’s overall lifespan. Another trick to make good use of this is to cut meat on one side and fruits and veggies on the other side.

With thousands of satisfied customers recommending this beautiful product to everyone, it is hard to deny the board’s obvious qualities and cost efficiency. But after searching through reviews, it came to our attention that a lot of users experienced warping soon after the purchase.


  • High quality
  • Juice collector
  • Very durable
  • Available in a large variety of sizes


  • Possible warping after washing
  • No handles makes it hard to hold the board with wet hands

6. Sonder Los Angeles Acacia Cutting Board

Sonder Los Angeles Acacia Cutting Board

The first true wooden cutting board on this list, the Sonder Los Angeles acacia cutting board is a perfect addition to modern kitchens with owners willing to spend a moderate amount of money.
Acacia wood has several premium qualities and is the preferred material used by the best wood cutting board brands.

Having dimensions 16×12 – inches and a thickness of 1.5 inches, the board is large enough for cutting large amounts of veggies and compact enough to be stored properly. The cutting board is also available in a larger size variant. The difference in sizes is not much but the difference in prices is drastic.

Acacia is a naturally durable wood that can last upto a decade with the right care. The Sonder Los Angeles cutting board is given an edge finish that makes the board very sturdy but is not easy on knives.

Moreover, acacia wood is non toxic in nature and is used in this board without any added chemicals. This makes the board completely free of any added toxins, allowing it to be the perfect long lasting healthy addition to your kitchen.

The cutting board is equipped with a juice collector and indented handles on either far opposite faces of the board.

Thousands of positive reviews ensure the board’s claims of high quality are true. After searching the reviews for any possible flaw, it came to our attention that the board may get scratched easily and even break completely in some cases.


7. John Boos Maple Block Cutting Board

John Boos Maple Block Cutting Board

The john boos block cutting board is a large maple cutting board. Maple is another premium quality wood that is both durable and perfectly safe for knives. Maple is a very popular material used in making some of the best wood cutting boards available today.

With dimensions 16×10 – inches, the board is large enough for cutting large quantities of meat and veggies. The board has a modular design that looks both minimalist and modern at the same time. An absence of any handle makes the board difficult to carry with large amounts of veggies or meat on top, especially considering that there is no juice collector. The secreted juices will make everything slippery and may even stain your kitchen counter.

The maple wood is given an edge grain finish, this increases the board’s durability but is not as great for your knives as an end finish board would be. Along with the added durability, the edge grain finish gives the board a more beautiful look.

Maple is a perfectly healthy material that does not add any toxins to your food. This non toxicity is especially important when paired with a very long lasting cutting board, a cutting board that can last for a decade must be free of any toxins.

The maple wood cutting board has received positive feedback from thousands of its users. It is certainly one of the best wooden cutting boards available at a moderate price. Although on researching through the reviews, we came across several complaints about the board’s quality as it started splitting and showing scratches on its surface.


  • Very high durability
  • Looks beautiful
  • Can be used with both sides
  • Minimalist branding and overall design


  • Susceptible to warping and scratching in some cases

8. Indigo True Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

Indigo True Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

The Indigo True bamboo cutting board is a beautiful dual tone addition to any modern kitchen. A special color scheme of dark and light tone bamboo gives this board a very unique look.

As the name suggests, the board is indeed extra large in size. With dimensions 17.5×13.5 – inches, the Indigo True bamboo board is among the largest cutting boards available at an affordable price.

Not only does the board have dual tone bamboo, it also has another unique design choice that helps in increasing surface area. The edges of this board are not straight but curved, this little detail increases the board’s working area drastically. This board is large enough to cut loads of meat and veggies and since the board is flat on both sides, it can be flipped over for use once the first face is worn.

The bamboo is finished with an edge grain design that slightly increases durability, but is also slightly worse for your knives.

Bamboo being naturally free of any toxins is a perfect material choice for this cutting board. Non toxicity of cutting boards as durable as the Indigo True plays a large part in keeping us healthy for years to come.

The Indigo True bamboo board comes in with thousands of positive experience stories. With so many recommending feedbacks, it is hard to count out this beautiful board as one of the best wood cutting boards available today. But the board’s unique quality is also its downfall, with many users reporting water logging at the point of connection of the different bamboo.


  • Very large surface area
  • Dual sided
  • High durability
  • Juice collector
  • Very affordable


  • Possibility of moulding due to water logging at the point where the wood intersects

9. Thirteen Chef Acacia 

Thirteen Chef Acacia 

The Thirteen Chef acacia cutting board is an extremely large cutting board which is perfect for cutting large quantities of both meat and veggies. Its beautiful acacia design is timeless and resonates with old school vibes.

With dimensions 24×18 – inches, this cutting board is among the largest boards on our list. Although this size comes at a cost, the board carries a hefty price tag. This board is available in multiple sizes, with each increasing size costing more than the last.

Acacia is one of the hardest and most durable woods ever, it can last upto decades with proper conditioning and safe use. This extremely high durability combined with the board’s non-toxicity results in a safe and long lasting chopping surface.

The board is nothing but a simple block of acacia wood. This simple design may resonate well with some but the lack of any handle or a juice collector may be a hindrance to some. This minimalist design choice allows the board to be stored properly when not in use.

These claims of high quality and high durability are supported well by the hundreds of positive customer experiences. Although the lack of handles has proven to be an issue due to the board’s size and weight, making it hard to carry easily.


  • Extremely durability
  • Minimalist design
  • Very large size


  • Expensive
  • No handles or grips make it hard to handle the board

10. Teakhaus Teak Cutting Board

Teakhaus Teak Cutting Board

The teakhaus cutting board is a plus sized wooden cutting board make of teak. Not only is this cutting board very large but is also very expensive. The Teakhaus teak board is one of the most expensive boards on this list, but does its cost equate to good quality and is it worth spending a fortune on?

With dimensions 24×18 – inches and a thickness of 1.5 inches, this cutting board is more suited for a larger kitchen like that in a restaurant. Although the larger sized cutting board can also be used as a substitute for the smaller boards when you need to cook a large meal for the whole family.

Teak is another highly durable wood and cannot be attacked by termite or water, this makes teak a perfect material for the construction of the best wood cutting boards. The board is designed with handle grips on either sides and a juice collector along the board’s edges. The handles make the heavy board extremely easy to handle even when a lot of veggies and meat are on top.

Since the board does not have ant legs or stands, it can be used on both sides. Just flip the board over when it gets worn down and now you can enjoy the same durability and perfect cutting surface all over again.

Teak is a non toxic wood, it can be used without worrying about possible toxicity spikes in your food. Not only is non toxicity essential but required in a board of such high durability, a very durable but toxic cutting surface will expose your body to more toxins for a longer period of time and cause more harm than good.

The board has hundreds of reviews recommending it for everyday use, these reviews stand testament to this beautiful board’s true quality and value for money. Although in some cases the board seems to be damaged very soon after being used for the first time.


  • Very large working surface
  • Proper handles
  • Juice collector
  • Beautiful classy look


  • May be too large for some people
  • Very expensive

11. John Boos RA03

John Boos RA03

The john boos RA03 is an expensive cutting board made of hard maple. The board has a unique rectangular design with emphasis of stronger angles. This does not mean it is sharp around the edges, it is balanced perfectly between being sharp and soft.

The board has dimensions 24×18 inches with a thickness of 2.25 inches, making the RA03 one of the largest and thickest boards on our list of the best wood cutting boards. Its large size is complemented by the handles which make it much easier to carry the heavy board. Since there is no juice collector, the handles become essential considering how easily it can slip out of our wet hands.

The maple is given an edge grain finish that increases durability but slightly increases the strain on knives. Apart from being functional, the edge grain finish makes the board very beautiful, allowing it to instantly become a part of any modern kitchen.

Maple is safe from any added chemicals and hence is completely non-toxic. This non toxicity does not show its effects instantly but slowly over time and when paired with the high durability, the board continues to provide your family with toxinless veggies and fruits for years and years.

The board is absolutely flat on both sides, this absence of stands or legs allows the board to be used once its front face has been worn down, simply by flipping it over. Essentially doubling the board’s lifespan in the process.

With hundreds of completely satisfied customers, the board proves that its qualities are not only useful on paper but also work very well in real situations. The only reason for concern is the apparent low quality boards received by some users.


  • Very large size
  • High durability
  • Premium look and feel
  • Proper handles on both sides


  • Some buyers received a broken cutting board

12. Aidea Wood Cutting Board Set

Aidea Wood Cutting Board Set

The AIDEA wooden cutting board set is a set of three Acacia cutting boards. These boards have a very simple time tested design, with a handle cut out on one end and no other gimmicks.

The set does not provide a lot of variety in size, with the larger two boards being 16×12 – inches and 15×10 – inches respectively. While the smallest board is a tiny 10×8 inch surface perfect for cutting veggies for smaller meal courses. The larger boards can be used for meat exclusively. Since the set does not have a huge difference in sizes, its low price is justified.

Acacia is a very durable wood and can last for decades with proper use and storage. With an edge grain design, this natural durability is boosted up while the strain on knives is also increased. Apart from functional changes, the edge grain design makes the board look very beautiful.

Acacia is not only highly durable and beautiful but also non-toxic. Being non-toxic in today’s day is a very important factor for cutting boards because we need to reduce toxin intake whenever possible.

Since the boards are flat on both sides, they can be flipped over once they get worn down on one side. This process increases the acacia boards’ lifetime even more, making this set the perfect investment for a long term cutting board set.

The handles are thick and the holes for the handles are large enough to hold the board comfortably. Handles are especially useful here as due to the absence of any juice collector, the board may become slippery and harder to handle.

Hundreds of positive reviews are proof of this cutting board set’s quality and high durability. But after searching through hundreds of satisfactory experiences, a few complaints about the boards quickly scratching up after use are certainly alarming.


  • High durability
  • Big handles
  • Beautifully designed
  • Flat on both sides


  • Can get scratched up easily

13. Virginia Boys Dark Walnut Wood Cutting Board

Virginia Boys Dark Walnut Wood Cutting Board

The Virginia Boys dark walnut cutting board is perhaps the most unique looking cutting board available today. Because of its dark walnut wood, the board sports a very dark look that resonates very well with darker interiors.

This cutting board is not only unique looking but is also highly functional. With its large 17×11 – inches dimensions, the board is perfect for cutting meat and vegetables for a normal family dinner. Although what’s not justified for a normal family is the hefty price tag attached to this beautiful cutting board.

Dark walnut not only is beautiful but is also highly durable and resistant to insect attacks, stains and has a very beautiful finish. The Virginia Boys walnut cutting board is given and edge grain finish that increases the already high durability.

The board has a juice collector installed along its edges which does not allow secreted juices to overflow and stain the counter. Other than a juice groove, the cutting board is free of any extra additions. An absence of dedicated handles makes the board hard to handle with wet hands and you must use the juice groove as a makeshift handle.

Since the board is flat on both sides it can be used with either side on top, this essentially doubles the board’s lifetime by providing you with a fresh cutting surface when you scratch the first to a point of no return.

With thousands of positive reviews, the Virginia boys dark walnut cutting board is one of the most unique looking cutting boards on this list. Although after searching through the positive feedbacks, a common problem became apparent, the board is prone to warping and even breaking if not oiled carefully for at least a week before use.


  • Unique beautiful color
  • Very durable
  • Large base size
  • Juice groove


  • Prone to damage if not conditioned properly

14. Shumaru Teak Cutting Board

Shumaru Teak Cutting Board

The SHUMARU cutting board is a relatively large teak cutting board available at a moderate price. It sports a very unique look with multi coloured teak mixing up in the design and giving the board a classy look.

The board is fairly large for its price point, having dimensions 18×14 – inches, it is large enough for most household kitchen uses. With this size comes a hefty weight that can not be properly handled without any handles especially when the board is loaded with meat or veggies.

To combat this, two handles are equipped on either ends of the board. Along with this, a juice groove runs along the board’s edge and collects any extra secreted juices, this makes cleaning a very simple task. Apart from a pair of handles and a juice groove, the board is a simple teak block with two beautifully interlocking wooden patterns.

Teak is highly durable and also non-toxic in nature, it does not add any toxins to your fresh veggies. This quality of non-toxicity becomes especially essential when paired with highly durable cutting boards. Because if the cutting board is toxic in nature and not very durable, it will negatively affect your health for a much longer time than is safe.

Since the board is flat on both both sides, it can be simply flipped over when its first side is worn. This allows us to use the board not only once but twice, essentially doubling your money’s worth.

While the SHUMARU cutting board is not a popular product sales wise, it proves the age old belief of the less popular being way more useful than the popular. With an overwhelming number of users supporting the board’s claims of greatness, this cutting board is a worthy investment if you are looking for a beautiful looking affordable cutting board.


  • Durable wood
  • Beautiful double color look
  • Juice groove


  • May get damaged without proper conditioning

15. Smirly Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Smirly Bamboo Cutting Board Set

The Smirly bamboo cutting board set is not only a simple cutting board set but also comes with a whopping six utensils for everyday kitchen use. The four boards are each of different sizes and have a very simple design.

The smallest board in the set has dimensions 9×6 – inches and the largest having dimensions 15×10 – inches. Each board is sized perfectly for the four major uses of cutting boards, namely cutting baked goods, fruits, vegetables and meat. Each board has a small symbol on one of its edges that specifies what it is best used for.

A beautiful edge finish gives this set higher durability along with a classy look. While the boards are not very unique in design, they are exceptionally well at what they do. The absence of handles is not an issue due to the boards’ relatively small size.

What is present as an added feature is the juice groove along the board’s edges, this groove keeps your kitchen counters clean and makes handling the boards easier with the dry edges.

Each board in the set can be easily washed and cleaned. Being water resistant reduces the chances of bacteria development inside the board.

Since the boards have no stands on either side, they can be used with either side on top. This allows us to essentially have two separate cutting boards in one board which can be used interchangeably or switched to and from as needed.

With thousands of positive reviews, this cutting board set is a worthy investment for those looking to buy a bamboo cutting board set at an affordable price. Although some users voiced their complaints about the boards breaking soon after arrival.


  • Very durable edge grain design
  • Non toxic
  • Juice collector
  • Very affordable
  • Safe for knives
  • Looks beautiful


  • Board may become warped if not taken proper care of

16. Azrhom Walnut Cutting Board

Azrhom Walnut Cutting Board

The AZRHOM walnut cutting board is a thick and large cutting board made of durable dark walnut. This cutting board has a very unique design, far apart from its lighter counterparts, the AZRHOM is a dark and very classy looking cutting board.

With dimensions 17×11 – inches and larger sizes available for a higher price, the board is fairly large and can be used in modern kitchens without any hassle. The larger sizes are far more expensive and are not necessary in any capacity for a modern household.

The board has handles on either side to improve handling and decrease chances of damage while handling the board with chopped meat on top. Apart from handles, the board’s center is surrounded by a deep juice groove that collects all the secreted juices and prevents spillage. These collected juices can be poured back into the salad or fruits to maintain health integrity.

Dark walnut is not only a beautiful but also a non-toxic material used in making cutting boards, due to the material’s non-toxicity, it can be used to cut up veggies even for younger children without the fear of toxins entering their bodies.

The board is flat on both sides and hence can be used with either side on top. This allows you to essentially double an already durable board’s lifetime.

With overwhelmingly positive customer responses, the AZRHOM walnut cutting board is clearly one of the best wood cutting boards available today. We did find a few alarming instances of the board warping soon after the first use but this can generally be prevented by proper conditioning.


  • Beautifully crafted dark walnut
  • High durability
  • Deep juice groove
  • Proper handles


  • Possibility of getting warped if not conditioned by oils properly

17. Sonder Los Angeles American Walnut Cutting Board

Sonder Los Angeles American Walnut Cutting Board

The Sonder Los Angeles is a perfect modern cutting board. Its compact dimensions make it the easiest board to handle on this list.

The board has dimensions 17×13 – inches, making it just enough to work as an everyday driver. With a large size such as this, a need for proper handles arises and with two handles on either far ends of the board, these needs are well taken care of.

The absence of a juice groove makes the possibility of staining your kitchen counter higher than any other cutting board. A juice groove makes it possible to collect all the secreted juices from veggies and use them later as salad dressing.

Walnut is a highly durable wood that can last for years with proper and regular conditioning. Apart from being durable, the wood is used in a manner that increases the board’s beauty tenfold. This high durability paired with the board’s non-toxicity allows you to make healthy food for your family for years to come.

The compact board is flat on both sides and can be flipped over for use when the first side is worn down. This process of flipping over a cutting board to use the second face doubles the already high lifetime of your cutting board.

With hundreds of reviews recommending the not so popular board, it can be said with confidence that this board is one of the best wood cutting boards available to date. Although a few complaints about the board breaking off into splinters make an otherwise perfect board start to seem sour.


  • High durability
  • Large size
  • Compact design


  • Can break off into splinters and ruin your food
  • Expensive for a single board

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Wooden Cutting Board

1. Material

Selecting the right material is essential when looking for the best wooden cutting boards, the material alone can decide how well your experience with a particular board will be. Materials like bamboo, walnut, acacia and teak are some of the finest.

With their high durability and beautiful looks, they can easily boost your kitchen’s visual appeal by a landslide. Along with this, bamboo especially is one of the best materials for a cutting board as it combines the qualities of wood and enhances them.

The worst material to choose for any cutting board is plastic. Many kinds of plastics are filled with BPA and increase toxin levels in the food.

2. Price And Budget

It is essential to remember that at the end, a cutting board is just a block of wood and nothing more. Spending obscene amounts of money on a board that you will use twice a week is a waste of money.

Try to be judicial with your spending and make sure that you absolutely need the board before you spend money on it. A good general trick is to wait and let the impulsiveness pass before buying anything.

Remember to always check your needs and buy the board that suits your needs the best and is available at a cheaper price.

3. Stands Or Legs

Never buy a cutting board with legs or stands. This presence of legs makes it impossible for you to simply flip the board over and use the second side as your daily driver once the first has been worn down.

Also, stands or legs are not necessary in a cutting board. You can simply place the board on top of a kitchen counter and since the board is wood, it won’t scratch any harder surfaces.

4. Design

The board you choose can be functional, durable and price efficient but if it is not appealing to the eyes, it is a waste of money. At the end of the day, it’s not about how the cutting board performs. The actual performance of any item can be calculated by how it makes you feel.

An ugly cutting board may function like a race car but you will never enjoy it, remember to always select the better looking option even if it has a few tiny flaws. Most modern wooden cutting boards are designed in a minimalist style, this style is complemented well by modern kitchen designs.

5. Size

Selecting the right sized board is very important because buying any size larger than what you really need is not only a loss of space but also a big loss in money. Larger boards cost a lot more than their medium counterparts.

Remember to first catalogue your use of cutting boards and plan accordingly. If you need to cut a large amount of veggies and meat, go for a larger board. Do not get a large board without proper planning or you and your bank may regret the decision later.

A Final Word

Wooden cutting boards are the future. With their non-toxic nature, beautiful design, value for money and decades long durability, wooden cutting boards are the best choice for anyone looking to buy a new cutting board in 2020.

The best wood cutting board brands make sure that their boards last for years upon years without any need for repairs. You can rest assured that your cutting board will not suffer from a single flaw as long as you handle it properly.

We must remember that eating healthy is no longer a hobby for a small niche but a necessity for everyone and since cutting comes before cooking, we must keep our food free of toxins from step one till the very end.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Best Wood To Use In A Wooden Cutting Board?

The best wood for a wooden cutting board is any dense and hardwood. Some examples of hardwood are maple, walnut and cherry.

These woods are highly durable and non-toxic, they can last upto decades and keep your food healthy all the while. Moreover, hardwood does not warp easily as long as you remember to condition it with oil and take proper care.

2. Are Wooden Cutting Boards Sanitary?

Research proves that wooden cutting boards are, in fact, far more sanitary than regular plastics or glass. This is because plastics form deep knife grooves that act as a breeding ground for bacteria as time goes on.

Whereas in wood, the scratching is practically non-existent with the right wood, and hence the boards remain sanitary under all conditions.

3. What Kind Of Cutting Boards Do Professional Chefs Use?

Professional chefs each have their own preferences, but high-quality wood is a very popular choice along with high-quality plastics. Some of the top celebrity chefs have been noted using a thick wooden cutting board.It is important to remember that you must buy cutting boards according to your own needs and not that of a chef. Chefs need to cook for an entire restaurant, and you need to cook for yourself and your family.

4. How Can You Disinfect A Wooden Cutting Board?

Wooden cutting boards can be disinfected using hydrogen peroxide. The process is quite simple, just pour the hydrogen peroxide on the board’s surface, and it will be disinfected.Remember to always clean the board properly with water after disinfecting it. Hydrogen peroxide is dangerous when ingested and can cause severe health issues.

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