Best Oil For Cutting Boards 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Bayes 2. Caron & Doucet 3.  Bamboogle
Bayes High-Performance Food Grade Mineral Oil Best Oil For Cutting Board Caron & Doucet - Cutting Board Oil Bamboogle Food Grade Mineral Oil

Cutting boards are a convenient and necessary kitchen accessory. They come in different shapes and sizes and help you in innumerable ways. Even the best cutting boards are also very prone to stains, dents, dryness, and untimely damage. This is where it becomes necessary to get the best oil for cutting boards.

However, you can’t use any oil that you find in your home. You would need to get oils that are odorless, flavorless, and safe for your food. For this, mineral oil works best. However, if you prefer natural oils, fractionated coconut oil works wonders for dry boards.

Keeping your boards moisturized and hydrated is also paramount to keeping those bacteria and microbes away from your food. It is understandable why you would struggle with finding oils for your cutting boards.

We have done a careful analysis of the market, which oils work, and which don’t. Here is the list of these preparation tools.

Top 10 Best Oil For Cutting Boards 2021

1. Bayes High-Performance Food Grade Mineral Oil

Bayes High-Performance Food Grade Mineral Oil Best Oil For Cutting Board

If you want high-quality oils that are eco-friendly too, then you’ve found the right product. The Bayes High-Performance Mineral Oil works well at keeping your boards clean and hydrated. Its amazing list of features definitely makes for a good customer experience.

This mineral oil works best on bamboo, wood, and teak cutting boards. It keeps your boards safe from being dry and also makes them more resilient to bacterial and microbial infestations. Hence, the result is great for your food and your health!

Their ingredients list is carefully formulated; the safest and eco-friendly ingredients have been chosen. Many of their ingredients are plant-based and have no artificial fragrances. The fragrances present in the formula are natural and won’t harm you in the long term.

This mineral oil product is also Leaping Bunny certified. This means that the product was made without causing any undue harm to animals. If you’re totally against animal experimentation, this product will be a lifesaver.

This product was made using high-quality mineral oil. This largely ensures that your wooden boards and utensils will remain brand new even after long usage. It also means that you won’t need to waste money on buying new wooden boards after regular intervals.

Wooden and Bamboo boards can become dry even after normal washing with water. This can shorten its lifespan and lead to untimely breakage or wear and tear. Hence, using this mineral oil can make you avoid such an undesirable scenario.

This mineral oil bottle comes with a convenient pour spout. This makes it easy and simple to use. It also helps you avoid any spillage and messy kitchen counters. You would need to give your boards this oil treatment at least once a month.

The bottle can be recycled after you finish using the entire oil. The recommended usage is to start with applying the oil once a week for a month and later revert to once a month.

This is undoubtedly one of the best oils for cutting boards.


2. Caron & Doucet – Cutting Board Oil

Caron & Doucet - Cutting Board Oil

Caron & Doucet is a company specializing in the production of skincare and lifestyle products. It is strongly dedicated to corporate responsibility, ecological sustainability, and adheres to strict standards of safety. Their cutting board oil is one of the best in the market and comes with great features.

Caron & Doucet Oil is made with 100% plant-based ingredients and isn’t sourced artificially. It has no harmful chemicals like petroleum mineral oil. Instead, it is made with coconut oil that is food grade; other essential oils have been added too.

Since it is made with high-quality coconut oil, this oil also doesn’t go rancid at all. Applying this oil maintains a harmonious balance and increases the lifespan of the board. It is formulated to go deep into the board to hydrate and condition them. This helps prevent long term damage because of water penetration and dryness.

By making sure the boards get hydrated and moisturized, it also wards off bacteria and microbes. It also stops your cutting boards from getting stains and discolored patches. It makes the cleaning process much easier and less fussy.

This cutting board oil is carefully made with a selection of solventless refinement processes. These ensure the efficient removal of fatty acids, which yields an oil that doesn’t get spoiled easily. It also ensures that the oil won’t smell bad. This is a great feature since many cutting board oils are prone to such demerits.

If you’re worried about the oil odor making your food taste bad, this oil won’t do that. It was thoughtfully made with a curation of light essential oils that naturally discard the odor. It also helps prevent the occurrence of food getting stuck on the wood. Removing those stuck pieces is a huge frustration which you won’t face, fortunately.

This product comes with a 100% refund policy if, for any reason, you’re dissatisfied. Applying at least two coats of oil will be necessary during the initial usage.

This is one of the best oils for wood cutting boards.


3. Bamboogle Food Grade Mineral Oil

Bamboogle Food Grade Mineral Oil

Bamboogle is a company that manufactures bamboo products in the most innovative and creative ways. Their creations are visually appealing, safe to use, and work wonders for your modern home. Their mineral oil for cutting boards is one of the most useful items for your kitchen.

Wood/bamboo cutting boards are the place where you prep, chop, cut meat, and vegetables. Hence, it follows that you need to give them the right amount of care. If they aren’t cared for properly, they get spoilt easily.

Applying this mineral oil won’t be messy as it comes with an applicator. It is perfect for helping you navigate through the bumps and corners of your boards. Applying oil turns out to be exciting with this patented foam applicator! Also, cleaning your hands won’t even be necessary.

Some types of wood definitely need more oil applications. It does take time and is messy. So, people do procrastinate with giving their boards the necessary hydration. However, with this oil, you won’t feel that laziness.

This mineral oil is classified as Food Grade. This means that it’s perfectly safe to use on all your utensils and boards. Therefore, it keeps you safe from food poisoning and health complications.

This oil has deep penetrative abilities, which ensure it hydrates wood fibers deeply. This helps prevent breakage and shrinkage due to dryness. Also, it’s better to apply this and let the oil soak in overnight. This helps it to take longer to get dry and make your board more moisture-resistant.

Even with regular usage, this mineral oil will take a long time to get over. It usually takes many people around 12-18 months for them to finish this bottle. It keeps your boards brand new, fresh, and clean. A combination of lemon and orange extracts help remove foul odor and make it smell fresh and zingy!

You won’t need to wash the oil off as it is safe and flavorless. With such an impressive list of features, it is one of the best oils for cutting boards.


4. WALRUS OIL Cutting Board Oil

WALRUS OIL Cutting Board Oil

This oil is slated to give you the best results for your beloved cutting boards. This oil comes with the latest list of updated features, which promise a smooth customer experience.

It is unfortunately certain that cutting boards lose their shine after a few months. However, this can be avoided if we give it the proper nourishment and care. With this oil, the dryness and cracking can be prevented.

The Walrus Oil can penetrate deep into the wood fibers. This nourishes and hydrates the boards and keeps it looking brand new. Unlike other common oils, this oil won’t contaminate your food with an unpleasant taste.

It has no odor, and hence, your food items won’t smell weird either. It has a great list of ingredients and extracts which make it a fantastic oil. It has ingredients like Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Beeswax, et cetera, which work wonders for wooden boards.

It has been approved by the FDA for use with surfaces, frequently in contact with food. Its good formulation makes it one of the most innovative oils in the market. Applying the oil is easy, as it gets absorbed easily due to its perfect consistency.

The oil won’t solidify or go thicker under normal conditions. It has a good and stable shelf life and there won’t be any unwarranted spoilage or rotting. Applying at least two coatings of this oil will go a long way in improving your boards.

Some rules need to be followed for applying this oil. After application, this oil needs to be left for around 12-24 hours to dry. So, it is better that you leave it overnight. Usually, if there is excess oil, wipe it off with a clean tissue.


5. UltraPro Food Grade Mineral Oil

UltraPro Food Grade Mineral Oil

This oil is made by a company with a long history of manufacturing food package supplies. This UltraPro mineral oil is a testament to its years of experience.

Derived from petroleum, this oil has no artificial colors, no odor, and no unpleasant taste. Hence, this oil won’t cause you any unwanted problems or health-related complications. It is also food-grade, which means it’s perfectly safe for you to use on cutting boards.

This mineral oil has good qualities that make it perfect for moisturizing and hydration. With this, problems like your wooden boards creaking or over-drying will vanish easily. Also, when your wooden board is nourished, it keeps the germs and bacteria away.

With a huge quantity of one gallon, this bottle will last you for a very long time. It is a perfect option for you if you don’t like small bottles of oil. This oil is used widely in many industries like food, manufacturing, cosmetics, etc.

Other than your wooden/bamboo boards, this oil can be used on other materials as well. It works well on your industrial slicers, knives, utensils and poses no harm to your health.

This oil makes your boards and silver utensils look shiny and clean. It helps them look brand new, and this improves the look of your kitchen. This mineral oil can also be used for massaging and body care.

This is one of the best cutting board oils.


6. Thirteen Chefs Food Grade Mineral Oil

Thirteen Chefs Food Grade Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is one of the most recommended products for maintaining wooden cutting boards. It helps battle the effect of dehydration that dishwashers have on wooden utensils by hydrating them and restoring their polish.

It also helps to prevent the wood from warping, which is wood shrinking unevenly due to dehydration. This mineral oil is suitable for all types of wood. Since it is used only in small amounts, a single bottle can last you years.

The use of this oil isn’t limited to polishing wooden utensils. Marbles and substances like granite and slate can also be maintained by this oil.
Its application is simple and can be done by just rubbing the oil directly on the wood surface. The mineral itself is made of pure and high-quality white mineral oil. It has been lab-tested, and FDA approved for use in the kitchen.

The oil does not possess a scent. Hence, it does not tamper with the aroma and the flavors of regular food, meaning it is safe for food. The liquid contains beeswax, which gives the wooden utensils their shine.

If there’s a stain on the cutting board, it is recommended to let the oil soak for a longer period of time. This is, however, only to be done in the case of a light stain.

If the stain is big enough to prevent the absorption of water into it, the mineral oil will not be able to penetrate as well. After the oil has been soaked into the wood and dried, it is ready for use. There is no need to wash off the oil as the oil is food-safe.

This is one of the best oils for cutting boards.


7. John Boos MYSB Mystery Butcher Block Oil
John Boos MYSB Mystery Butcher Block Oil

The mystery oil has been made in the USA from all natural materials. Its ingredients comprise of a mixture of food-grade mineral oil, linseed oil, and orange oil. It also contains natural unbleached beeswax.

The regular use of this oil prevents your wooden board from cracking, splitting, and drying. It can be used once a month on your board. But it is recommended to use it more frequently if the board is new.
Its application is simple; you need to apply oil on your board with a paper towel. The mystery oil is food safe. The cutting board can be left to soak in the oil overnight.

John Boos suggests a complete care routine for your wooden cutting boards. This would include the use of its mystery oil with their butcher block cream.

The mystery oil hydrates the wood while the application of the cream helps retain its moisture. Meanwhile, it creates a barrier to protect against future drying. They are both food safe and can be used for wooden boards and similar utensils.

It is important to note that before application, heating the oil helps it penetrate the wood better. John Boos describes their mystery oil as a “shampoo” and their cream as a “sealer”. The cream gives the cutting board a smooth finish.

You can skip the use of gloves with the oil as they won’t be harsh on your hands. The key to getting the best use out of this oil is consistency and diligence. A few minutes of application every 3-4 weeks will return the smoothness and shine to wooden utensils.

With a great list of features, it’s undoubtedly one of the best butcher block oils.


8. Howard BBB012 Cutting Board Oil

Howard BBB012 Cutting Board Oil

The Howards Cutting Board oil is one of the most promising oils. It looks like it’ll save your boards from common problems with a fantastic combination of features.

It is made with 100% pure USP food grade mineral oil. It is tasteless, colorless and odorless. The mineral oil used has been extracted from virgin mineral oil. This has had no contact with nuts or gluten.

This oil maintains the polish of the wood. It doesn’t put you at risk of exposure to allergenic materials. The fluid has little resistance to flow, allowing it to seep into the wood pores with ease and speed.

This oil is not recommended for “finished” wood as the mineral oil is incapable of penetrating such wood. The oil has been stabilized with vitamin E. It has been FDA approved to be safe for use on food preparation surfaces.

One good quality that stands out is that it won’t go rancid. Its application on utensils and butcher blocks won’t affect the taste and texture of the food.

Mineral oil seeps into the wooden utensils and dries off after absorption. This makes it much more suitable for hydrating the butcher blocks and cutting boards. The oil can be applied every 3-4 weeks.

This cutting board oil is blended oil made specifically for cutting boards and utensils. Unlike drugstore mineral oils, it soaks into the wood better because it is thinner. The oil is also safe for application on sanded, non- painted wooden toys for children.

It is safe for food and hence is safe for such application. It protects it from potential drying as well. For more protection, the Butcher Block Conditioner has been suggested for use as a sealer.

It is one of the best cutting board oils in the market.


9. Furniture Clinic Wood Cutting Board Oil

Furniture Clinic Wood Cutting Board Oil

The Furniture Clinic mineral oil has earned the ‘Good Housekeeping’ seal after being tested and approved. This oil is one of the best oils for cutting boards in the market. There are valid reasons for this popular opinion.

This mineral oil is safe to use on all wooden products. It protects and restores them to its original state if it is worn out. Its application process includes applying a generous amount of the oil onto the wooden surface. Leave it to dry for 4 or even 24 hours, if possible.

This product comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Experts have been provided to answer any queries you may have. A money-back guarantee is also offered if the product doesn’t prove to be satisfactory.

The Furniture Clinic mineral oil is best for use within three years after opening. It can also be used for lubricating garden tools without endangering the shrubs and plants. This product is also suitable for protection against water stains.

This product has been made from pure USP oil. It is food-safe, making it safe to apply on your wooden cutting boards and utensils. Over time, wood loses its moisture and dries up and shrinks. This makes it very necessary to take care of them.

This oil rehydrates the wood and helps it retain its moisture. This prevents the wood from cracking or shrinking. The Furniture Clinic material oil forms a protective barrier around the cutting board. This stops any other liquid from penetrating its surface and thus stopping the multiplication of germs and bacteria.

This oil has been created specifically for use on wood. It can’t be substituted by other liquids. Other liquids may have diverse effects, however, this oil works wonders and helps you forget your kitchen worries.


10. Essential Values Cutting Board & Butcher Block Mineral Oil

Essential Values Cutting Board & Butcher Block Mineral Oil

Essential Values proudly presents to you its cutting board and block mineral oil that has been enriched with vitamin E. Essential Values has been known to produce high-quality products and this lives up to the mark.

The oil is formulated to ensure that your wooden cutlery will be restored to their rich natural wood color. It also enhances its color while making sure there is no growth of foul residue.

It protects the wood from drying and crackling and thereby lengthens its use. It has been tested and developed in the USA. The product comes with a full refund guarantee if it fails to fulfil its claims. You won’t be hassled by executives asking you numerous questions as to why you’re dissatisfied.

The oil must be used once a month for optimum results. It must be allowed at least six hours to dry before use. The cutting board or utensil must be cleaned properly before the application of the oil.

Then, the oil may be spread onto the wood using a paper towel. The product is food safe as it is odorless and tasteless.

The use of the oil doesn’t limit your cutting board and butcher block. You may also use them to restore and maintain your bamboo and wooden utensils. This product will smoothen the surface of your board, thereby enhancing its appearance and performance.

It is to be noted that even though it is food-safe, it must not be directly ingested. Direct contact with your eyes has to be avoided. The product is water-resistant and acts as a shield that keeps off any wood-damaging moisture.

The ingredients of the product comprise of mineral oil and vitamin E. It is also good for extending the life of the wood, maintaining its sturdiness for a longer time.

This is undoubtedly one of the best oils for cutting boards.


Factors To Keep In Mind While Buying A Cutting Board Oil

1. Safety

There are many oils in the market. However, not all of them are perfectly safe. Given that the boards on which you’re applying the oil comes in contact with your food, give safety the utmost priority.

There could be various side effects on your health if the oil turns out to be unsafe. Also remember to check how stable its shelf life is.

2. Hydration And Moisture-retention Capacity

The level of hydration and moisture provided by the oil should be a crucial factor. This largely determines how well it will work in keeping your boards safe from dryness and creaking. Without this crucial feature, your boards won’t work well, even if you apply it religiously.

3. Odorless And Flavorless

The oil should be free of any overpowering odor and flavors. If its odor and flavors are strong, your food runs the risk of smelling like the oil. This scenario is something that you can avoid easily with some research.


There is a strong necessity for you to conduct meticulous research since there are many oils, you can get confused easily. Keep in mind the factors and reviews outlined, and you should be fine.

We have done a careful curation of all the best oils for cutting boards. Your cutting boards need some love and nourishment. Hence, your oil application will go a long way to ensuring the good health of your cutting boards.

FAQs For Best Cutting Board Oils

1. Can I Use Coconut Oil On My Cutting Boards?

Coconut oil is frequently used in cooking foods, and even other household uses. So, this oil poses no harm to your food. Thus, it can be used for oiling your wooden boards. It hydrates and nourishes your wooden boards and keeps it safe and looking brand new.

2. How Often Should You Oil A Butcher/Wooden Block?

Making the mistake of not oiling your butcher blocks can be a costly one. Start the routine once a week for the first month. After that, applying oil once a month will suffice for your boards.

3. How Many Coats Of Oil Do You Put On A Cutting Board?

The amount of oil to be applied depends on how thick your wooden boards are. It also depends on how long you have used it for.

If your boards are new, at least two coats of oil should be applied. Allow it to dry for an hour at the minimum, though leaving it overnight is often better. If your cutting boards are thicker than an inch, you would have to apply a higher dosage of 3-4 coats. This ensures that it penetrates deep into the wood.

4. Should You Oil A Bamboo Cutting Board?

Yes, definitely. You should oil a bamboo cutting board though bamboo is technically grass. The same oils can be applied to the bamboo cutting boards. The factors that apply with wooden boards are the same on bamboo cutting boards too.

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