Best Cutting Board For Meat 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Bambusi 2. Royal Craft Wood 3. Midori Way
Bamboo Carving Cutting Board Best Cutting Boards For Meat Organic Bamboo Cutting Board Midori Way Thick Bamboo Wood Cutting Board

Cutting Boards are crucial in any modern kitchen. While they are convenient, they have many disadvantages if handled without care. Also, there are many types of this meal preparation tool based on what materials they’re made of. If one isn’t mindful of issues with each type, one could end up with many problems.

Hence, it becomes imperative for consumers to understand the market for cutting boards in-depth. As complicated as the market may seem, it isn’t that tough. One simply needs a hand to guide you through the whole thing. Also, we’ve got your back with this curated list of the best cutting board for meat.

Top 15 Best Cutting Board For Meat 2021

1. Bamboo Carving Cutting Board

Bamboo Carving Cutting Board Best Cutting Boards For Meat

Cutting boards made of bamboo are free from disadvantages found in other types of cutting boards. They don’t need high maintenance and are renewable. Hence, there has been an enormous surge in the popularity of bamboo cutting boards. It is a product of Bambusi, which is known for its incredible selection of bamboo products.

Unlike plastic chopping boards, this board won’t be an annoyance for slicing and carving meat. This cutting board is made of eco-friendly bamboo material, which is an excellent material. It is durable, resilient, and its antibacterial properties ensure fewer risks for food poisoning.

Many cutting boards aren’t very apt for cutting meat. However, this bamboo cutting board comes with raised ridges carved in the middle of the board. This feature helps keep steaks or chicken breasts firm on the board, making it easier to get the desired sizes.

If you’re a veteran in cutting meat, you know the certainty of messy kitchen countertops. With deep grooves circling the perimeter of the board, all meat/vegetable juices will be deposited safely into it. This prevents the kitchen from getting dirty and also saves you time.

It has a reversible design, i.e., a flip-over feature. This allows you to use both sides for your meal preparations. This dual-sided board is an innovative idea to separate different food items from getting mixed.

The Bambusi Bamboo Carving Cutting Board is also perfect for gifts on different occasions. Whether it’s for Thanksgiving, Christmas, a summer afternoon party, or any hangouts, this gift is perfect. It is also useful for everyone, from professional chefs to amateur chefs.

One of the best cutting boards for meat, buy it here.


2. Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

Royal Craft Wood is well-known for its high-quality eco-friendly wood and bamboo products. The Organic Bamboo Cutting Board comes packed with a great combo of features.

The surface of the board is thick and durable. This means that it can stand many cuttings and scarring. Many boards accumulate some wear and tear with time. However, this board has self-healing properties, with its fibers falling back in place by itself.

It has a large surface area which proves suitable for everyday usage. It can be used to cut or chop meat, fruits, vegetables. Its juice grooves on the sides prevent juices from making a wet mess in your kitchen. It is a great feature to help you save time.

This cutting board is also perfect for serving fancy salads at parties or barbeque nights. Due to its BPA free bamboo material, it has antibacterial and anti-microbial properties. It resists attack from bacteria and stops their growth. Hence, you won’t need to buy harmful chemicals to sanitize your boards.

Since many people can’t tell how much they’ll like their cutting board, it offers a money-back guarantee. It provides a five-year warranty. It is also a great gift option for different occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving et cetera.

The surface of the board is very smooth, which helps reduce friction with your knife. Both your knife and cutting board will have no unwanted dents and marks. Thus, your kitchen appliances will look brand new.

With such great features, it features on our list of the best cutting boards for meat.


3. Midori Way Thick Bamboo Wood Cutting Board

Midori Way Thick Bamboo Wood Cutting Board

Midori Way is a company that is reputed for its wood and bamboo products. It boasts of a fine collection of cutting boards that score well on different parameters.

The Midori Way cutting board is extra large and sturdy, providing strength and stability for kitchen use. It is thick, strong, and visually pleasing to behold. It is resistant to moisture and hence, inhibits any fungal, bacterial growth. This makes it safe from food poisoning and other food hazards.

Since this board is made from pesticide-free bamboo, it is safe from toxins and harmful chemicals. It is useful for many uses like cutting, chopping, prepping foods, vegetables, and meat. However, don’t forget to wash the board after using it for meat. Mixing meat and vegetables should be avoided at all costs.

This cutting board is also great for serving food (salads, steaks, etc.) directly. This bamboo board will also not make your knives worsen with use. This is due to bamboo being a softer material. Cleaning the board isn’t a cause for worry either.

Shopping online for cutting boards can go very wrong. To allay your fears, this board comes with a 100% money-back guarantee until 60 days. This board is also a perfect idea for gifts, and yet it’s not a trend.

Soaking the board with water and juices should be avoided. Also, remember to coat the board with mineral oil that is safe for food. Customers have noted the swift customer service of Midori Way after they reported cracks in the boards.


4. EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

Royal Craft Wood needs little introduction, for it is a popular name in the market for wood and bamboo products. This cutting board is packed with many great features, which explains why it received many awards. All these make it very convenient for use.

This cutting board can also function as a serving tray for salads. This is due to its side handles, which enable its multifunctionality. It is also extra-large, due to which kitchen prep is more manageable.

The cutting board also has a built-in drip groove. This feature is a lifesaver especially if you hate making a mess in your kitchen. Thus, cleaning up afterward is easy or might not even be necessary.

Many chopping boards lessen the life of your cutleries due to the friction. However, this board is made of bamboo, which doesn’t cause any untimely wear and tear. This is better for your board since no unwanted dents will form on the surface.

It is made with 100% natural ingredients, which means higher resistance to bacterial infestations. It is also less liquid-absorbent and, thus, less prone to fungal growths. Your food is safer and healthier. Cross-contamination due to the use of different food items won’t be a problem.

Another great customer-friendly feature is that a 100% money refund is guaranteed. So, you won’t need to worry about liking it or not. If you don’t, just contact Royal Craft Wood for a refund.

With great features, this is easily one of the best cutting boards for raw meat.


5. Greener Chef Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

Greener Chef Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

Greener Chef helps you lead better and healthier lifestyles with 100% natural kitchen products. This cutting board is a multi-functional board which can be used for many things.

This bamboo cutting board will not break, tear, split at all. This is a guarantee given by Greener Chef. If it does break or split, you can get a new one easily. Also, this guaranteed replacement is provided for life, which means you can get it replaced anytime.

Its size is “Just The Right Size” for it is neither too thick nor too tiny. Its thickness gives it durability and strength, which makes it able to hold big watermelons easily. It is also thin enough to fit into countertop crevices easily.

It is perfect for prepping over the garbage or the sink. This helps you save time from avoiding making a wet mess all over the kitchen. It is easy to carry, even though it’s quite thick.

This cutting board is also double-sided; each side has a unique, specially designed feature. The first side has a deep groove that captures all the juices sliding down from vegetables and raw meat. The second side is ideal for Thanksgiving parties and festive occasions due to the large presentation space.

Made of 100% Moso Bamboo, the board has been tested at every level to ensure safety and durability. It also has no harmful chemicals or toxins, which makes food safer for consumption. Its surface is smooth and sturdy enough that your beloved cutleries will remain brand new.


6. Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

HHXRISE produces visually pleasing and organic bamboo cutting boards in addition to other wooden products. This cutting board doesn’t disappoint either with great features for convenient usage.

Made with bamboo, this organic bamboo cutting board is free of BPA, harmful chemicals, and toxins. You really don’t want to eat food that has been contaminated with toxic chemicals. This prevents and reduces the risks of food poisoning or unwanted complications from long term exposure.

It is multi-functional due to the largeness of its surface as well as its sturdiness. It can be used for chopping and cutting vegetables and fruits. Also, raw meat can also be cut on this cutting board. It can be used to serve food on fancy occasions.

This cutting board has three built-in compartments, separated strategically to ensure no mixture and mess. It helps you organize your preparations properly and enjoy cooking without worries. You will also avoid messy piles of bowls and plates and save time too.

Around the edges, there is a built-in groove that prevents juices from spilling over. It keeps your kitchen counter organized and clean.

It has a handle for gripping and makes it easy to carry. This design makes it easier for you to hang on your walls as decorations. It is also perfect whenever you go on picnics with loved ones. These boards are great for any time with its mix of aesthetics and useful functionality.

The bamboo surface will mean your knife won’t be dented or marked due to lesser friction. It isn’t hard on your knives. One thing about this board is that it must not be washed in the dishwasher. This will cause harm and damage to these boards.

This cutting board is one of the best cutting boards for meat.


7. John Boos Block BBQ Cutting Board

John Boos Block BBQ Cutting Board

John Boos & Co has been in the business of wooden products for decades now. It is reputed for its good wooden products. This cutting board boasts of updated features that look promising and have impeccable functionality.

Made in the Illinois State of USA, this cutting board is made by craftsmen and carpenters. The techniques used are tested with time and hence, safe and proven right.

This cutting board is made of Northern Hard Rock Maple Wood, sourced sustainably and selected with hand. This wood is famous for being very durable, strong, and fine. It is coveted for being one of the finest materials for making high-quality wooden products.

Scientific research has proven that this maple wood contains natural enzymes that inhibit bacterial and microbial growth. You can also apply Boos Oil and cream regularly, which reduces interactions of your food and bacteria.

Each side of this board can be used based on your need and preferences. The first side is flat and can be used for serving food. The other side has a juice groove encircling the perimeter of the board. This helps you avoid spilling the juices and making a mess on the counter.

To ensure minimum accidents, this cutting board has integrated handgrips on both sides for your hands. This makes lifting and carrying the boards from one place to another easier.

One year warranty is guaranteed against any untimely breakage and problems in workmanship. Customers have pointed out that this cutting board needs regular application of John Boos Mystery Oil. This is required, especially if you stay in warm, dry climates and when it’s brand new.


8. Personalized ‘King of the Grill’ Wooden Bbq Cutting Board

Personalized 'King of the Grill' Wooden Bbq Cutting Board

This BBQ cutting board is made by a company called Dust and Things. Based in South Wales, it is a small enterprise that makes and manufactures all its cute products. Its products are great for gifting, can be personalized, and are so creative.

This BBQ cutting board is specifically designed for men and their hobbies. Many men love grilling meat and eating it with friends and family members. This cutting board is a perfect gift for them to prep and season meat, cut, and chop raw/cooked meat.

BBQ gifts for men are slowly rising in popularity. A newly added feature is the customizable option, which is a great way to show your love and care. This cutting board will be loved by all men who love throwing elaborate BBQ parties and grilling meat.

Regardless of the festive and special occasion, this cutting board will bring a smile to your face. The quality and craftsmanship of this personalized BBQ cutting board are impressive. However, if you’re looking for a large wooden board, this might be a bit disappointing. Even the largest size offered is smaller than what people usually prefer.

Customers are in love with the cute personalized messages they got. It is not every day that companies show you how much they care about you. The engraved caption, “King of The Grill” in the middle of the board is lovely and emotional.

One of the best cutting boards for meat, this is a marvelous idea for gifts for men.


9. Wood Steak Board Barbecue Platter

Wood Steak Board Barbecue Platter

Teslyar is well-known for producing original, natural woodcrafts. These products provide comfort and help you live more fulfilling organized lives.

This platter is made of a solid wood type called oak. This type of wood is known for its durability and strength. This cutting board is eco-friendly and of very high quality.

One thing that should be noted is that each tree has its unique shades and patterns. Hence, the delivered product might be quite different from the pictures you see online. The platter is charred before delivery and coated with Food Grade Oil, for protection.

One unique feature of this wooden board is its stark resemblance to a steak. There are similarities in terms of its shape and patterns, which is quite a remarkable design. It is also an excellent platform for presenting food in parties and gatherings.

Its size, 12×8” is convenient and perfect for one person. These cutting boards also come packaged in eco-friendly kraft paper packaging, thus allowing it to “breathe.” Its rugged, dark brown surface comes coated with oil, so the packaging might be oily and messy.

This cutting board is also a fantastic idea for presenting gifts for any occasion. Both men and women will love it, for it is unisex. Talented and skilled artisans from the Carpathians in Ukraine make these boards. It works well as both a useful kitchen accessory and a decoration piece on your walls.


10. EatNeat Set of 2 Bamboo Cutting Boards

EatNeat Set of 2 Bamboo Cutting Boards

EatNeat is a lifestyle company that manufactures useful kitchen cutleries. These products are not only convenient but also healthy and aesthetically appealing.

This product comes in a set of two beautiful cutting boards made of bamboo. The sizes of both the boards are just the right size and thick enough for sturdiness. It is simple, and yet its minimalistic design is very appealing.

The built-in juice groove encircling the surface of the board aids you in many ways. It helps you avoid making a mess on your kitchen counter, thus saving you time. Also, it helps you save the juices for further usage in cooking.

Its sturdy design and structure help you avoid making noises or spillovers even when the prep is intense. This cutting board has a natural oil finish, thus making it perfect for parties with friends. It is also ideal for knives because it won’t ruin your expensive valuable knives.

These bamboo cutting boards have built-in side handles. These handles are perfect for gripping and taking it from the kitchen counter to the dining tables. Therefore, it helps you avoid unwanted mishaps at home, saving you time.

These boards come in high-quality packaging, ensuring that the two boards won’t be stuck to each other. Both the packaging and board design make it a great gift for Housewarming parties, weddings, or Thanksgivings. The cutting boards are elegant and beautiful enough to present tasty food.

With an amazing set of features, it’s not hard to see why it’s one of the best cutting boards for meat!


11. K BASIX Bamboo Cutting Board Set

K BASIX Bamboo Cutting Board Set

K BASIX is a company specializing in the production of kitchen gadgets and household appliances. It is dedicated to providing its customers with a fun experience with cooking for loved ones. This set of bamboo cutting boards is a perfect testament to the philosophy of K BASIX.

The set has three cutting boards of different sizes. Hence, each cutting board can be used for different occasions. The large cutting board of 13” is suitable for cutting your big chunks of meat.

The medium-sized board of 11” can be used for cutting fruits and vegetables. The smallest size of 8” works best for cutting little garnishes and even serving cheeses.

The cutting boards are made of 100% eco-friendly bamboo of high quality. It is also perfectly safe as all these boards are made without using any harmful chemicals and toxins. It is free of BPA, and hence, your food is safe and healthy.

The surface of the cutting board is entirely safe from causing your knives damage. So, your precious cutleries won’t go dull and blunt. The quality of the kitchen cutleries will not get compromised over long term usage.

These cutting boards have multi-functional usage. They work well for cutting, chopping, dicing, and even serving food. Their elegant design makes it perfect for serving BBQs and salads.

Something that should be avoided is submerging the boards underwater. This habit causes unrepairable damage to your boards and shortens their life span. The most innovative technologies are utilized to make these boards. Hence, high quality and durability are assured features.


12. Freshware Cutting Boards [Bamboo, Set of 3]

Freshware Cutting Boards [Bamboo, Set of 3]

Freshware’s new cutting boards for kitchen use are the perfect addition to your kitchen set. This set of 3 bamboo cutting boards works quite well for your everyday use.

It is not easy to find a high-quality set of cutting boards that are safe too. According to your needs and preferences, each cutting board can be used for different uses. These wonderful wooden boards are apt decoration pieces.

With these beautifully and thoughtfully crafted cutting boards, you don’t have to deal with plastic toxins anymore. Your food items are safe and less likely to give you food poisoning. These cutting boards are strong and durable; hence, they don’t break easily.

Made of Moso Bamboo material, these cutting boards are antimicrobial and antibacterial. This property is a lifesaver and makes it completely safe for daily usage. The Moso bamboo is also less harsh on your kitchen cutleries, preventing untimely damage and bluntness.

The bamboo cutting boards have been built so that they won’t break or get dented easily. Whether you’re chopping some tough chunk of meat or light garnishes, these boards are strong enough. The three-layered cross-section design makes it more resilient.

These Freshware boards have built-in ergonomic handgrips. This feature makes it ideal for hanging it on kitchen walls as decorative pieces. Customers have been delighted to have a pleasant customer experience with their refund policy; a 100% refund with no questions asked is guaranteed.

This is undoubtedly one of the best cutting boards for raw meat.


13. Utopia Kitchen 3 Piece Bamboo Cutting Boards

Utopia Kitchen 3 Piece Bamboo Cutting Boards

If you’re a kitchen junkie, the Utopia Kitchen company will be familiar. Their cutting boards are top-notch and one of the most innovative in the market currently.

These cutting boards have been made with Moso Bamboo. This material is perfect for ensuring the longevity of the life span of the boards. They also provide strength and durability, making it very unlikely to break easily.

These cutting boards are resistant to any bacterial or microbial infestations. They are eco-friendly, sustainable, and ideal for everyday usage. The choice for material, i.e., Moso Bamboo gives these boards their advantages.

This set of bamboo cutting boards comprises three sizes- large, medium, and small. The large one is 12×16”, the medium one is 9×13”, the smallest one is 9×11”. However, the thickness of each cutting board type is the same.

The surfaces of these boards are also ideal for your knives. Unlike other types of boards, these bamboo boards won’t make your blades go blunt.

These cutting boards should be washed with hands. Soaking it with water should be avoided as this causes harm and decreases quality. Apply safe oils regularly to prevent dryness.

One of the best cutting boards for meat, you can buy it here.


14. AKOZLIN Thick Bamboo Cutting Board

AKOZLIN Thick Bamboo Cutting Board

Akozlin has introduced a new bamboo cutting board in the market. It comes packed with a marvelous combination of amazing features, designed to make your life easier.

This cutting board is made of top-notch quality bamboo material. This cutting board is strong, sturdy and will last for a long time, if certain do’s and don’ts are followed. Under no circumstances should you soak it with water or wash it in a dishwasher.

These cutting boards are ideal for food preparations as well as serving foods. The design and structure of these boards are visually appealing. They also have handles for better grip and easy carrying.

The customer service experience is note-worthy. The cutting boards are eco-friendly and don’t possess harmful toxins. It is also a great gift idea.


15. Large & Extra-Thick Bamboo Cutting Boards

Large & Extra-Thick Bamboo Cutting Boards

Kitop is a well-known brand, producing useful kitchen appliances and wooden products. These bamboo cutting boards are perfect for many things with its great features.

These bamboo cutting boards last for very long and don’t break easily. It is free of BPA, formaldehyde, and toxins. This keeps you safe from long term damage to your health.

Surrounding the boards are deep juice grooves that prevent runoff of all nutritious juices. This helps prevent a mess, which saves you from wasting your time on cleaning.

The steel handles have a firm grip and are stainless. They can be hung around on the kitchen walls and are easily transportable. Their refund policy is also commendable. It is applicable for two years, and 100% money-back is guaranteed.

These cutting boards deserve to be one of the best cutting boards for meat with a combo of great features.


Factors Important To Know Before Buying A Cutting Board For Meat

1. Material Used

The entire structure and design of your cutting boards rely on the material used. Whether it’s wood, bamboo, or plastic, the material decides what features the boards will have. One needs to do brief research to get an idea of what would work, given their need.

Wood is very dependent on climatic conditions. It doesn’t work well in humid conditions. Also, it’s hard to remove potent smells out of it. However, in terms of aesthetics, these are the best and are ideal for serving food at parties.

Plastic might be too harsh on your precious knives. It is also not ecologically sustainable and contains harmful toxins. However, it isn’t hard to maintain and is easy to clean.

Bamboo is a very volatile and resilient material. It is strong, durable, and produces anti-microbial enzymes naturally. However, it is a bit high maintenance.

There is no clear winner of which material is the best. Everyone has their own opinions, based on what they prefer. Make your decision based on what you’re going to use it for.

2. Safety And Sanitation

Safety and sanitation should be a top priority. This is crucial because your food items spend a significant amount of time on the boards. It is important to be aware of the dos and don’ts of the board you’re using.

Rules for sanitizing different board types are different. Follow them to the T. If not, foul odor and stains could emanate from the boards.

3. Extra Features

Extra features are essential in making your decision. Sometimes, basic ones work well if you’re using it for simple food preparations. However, if you’re looking for multi-functional ones, deep grooves and stainless side handles should be important too.


Due to its necessity, cutting boards are increasingly becoming more diversified. Different types with different features have arrived in the market. With such a wide variety of choices, it is common for people to get overwhelmed and confused.

But, it isn’t that hard to navigate through the market, with a few helping hands. Making this decision on what board to buy should be taken carefully. Do read through the rules for sanitation because they’re crucial for the excellent health of the boards.

FAQs On Best Cutting Boards For Meat

1. Are Wooden Cutting Boards Safe For Meat?

Many people still believe that plastic boards are safer since they’re easier to sanitize. However, wooden cutting boards are safer in another sense. They have natural bacteria-killing properties and inhibit their growth.

2. Is It Better To Cut Meat On Plastics Or Bamboo Or Wood?

Plastic cutting boards are ideal for bacterial growth. The deep dents on the surface left by knives are nasty for your food as well. Even a high heat, deep clean, fails to work sometimes.

While wood/bamboo is hard to sanitize, it doesn’t get many deep gashes. This prevents bacterial growth and keeps your food safe. In that area, wood would be a better option to cut meat.

3. Can You Use The Same Cutting Board For Both Vegetables And Meat?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use the same board for meat and vegetables. However, it should be remembered; the board should be cleaned properly after the meat is cut.

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