Best Butcher Blocks 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Kikcoin 2. Ironwood 3 3.  John Boos
Kikcoin Best Butcher Block Ironwood 3 John Boos Blended Walnut Countertop

Is cooking preparation the hardest part of your cooking routine? Do you struggle to balance the health of your food, knife, and block? Most of the time, we mistakenly pick the wrong block and have to throw more money to rectify this error. How can we avoid such a situation?

Picking the right block can save you time, money, and effort. We have come up with a list that will guide you in choosing the best butcher block for all your needs:

Top 10 Best Butcher Blocks 2021

1. Kikcoin Organic Bamboo

Kikcoin Best Butcher Block

These amazing bamboo boards come in three sizes. The XL size is 7.0×12.0x1.0 inches and is fit for cutting meat. The L size is 14.0×10.0x1.0 inches and is apt for chopping vegetables. The “M” size is 10.0×7.1×0.8 inches and is ideal for cutting fruits.

This set can also be used as a set of serving trays. Thus, it is a versatile option for your kitchen. The four-layered thick structure will not crack easily like ordinary boards and trays. The unique splicing technology used to manufacture these boards add to its durability. Meticulous and skilled craftspersons have made this set with great attention to detail.

The rounded corners of the board prevents scratches. The set is also built to ensure they don’t take up too much storage space in your kitchen. The handles are carefully engraved on the structure itself. Anti-slip silicone is provided separately with the set. It can be added at the bottom to give the board a bit more stability.

The juice grooves on the surface collect extra liquid. This prevents liquid from running down your kitchen counter and keeps the space clean. The finishing of this set is done with high-quality mineral oil which is a hundred percent food safe.

It is made of a hundred percent bamboo with no chemicals. It is eco friendly, odorless, and BPA free. The instructions provided by the manufacturer recommends washing and oiling it regularly for longevity.

However, it’s very easy to clean, as per the reviews. Users have also praised the quality and appearance of the set, its versatility and its smooth finish. This is why this is the best butcher block in the market.


2. Ironwood 3

Ironwood 3

Made from acacia wood, this butcher’s block is 20x14x3 inches in size. The end grain wood prevents damage to your knife and the board. Acacia also has anti-bacterial properties and heals itself following any exposure to bacteria.

The acacia wood used to create this beautiful block has many unique quantities. Its gorgeous appearance comes from the deep and dark grain with beautiful and contrasting patterns. The wood is also naturally dense and long-lasting.

The company gets its wood from local Thai farmers. They make sure that the trees they harvest from are still alive and are left to regrow for at least twenty-five years.. Furthermore, they plant a new tree in its place. This makes the process eco friendly as well.

The blocks are also crafted by hand in Thailand. This ensures that an exceptionally detailed design is added to the board to make it look like a work of art. The company recommends washing their boards with warm, soapy water and drying it immediately. The product should not be left in water or stored in damp places. It is also crucial to oil it regularly.

According to some customer reviews, the blocks may have glue-like residue on them when they arrive. In some cases, they fade away with use, but if it doesn’t, sandpaper is recommended. Most of the users liked the appearance and size of the board. This block stays blemish-free even on regular use.


3. John Boos Blended Walnut Countertop

John Boos Blended Walnut Countertop

With measurements of 36x25x1.5 inches, this block is made from American Black Walnut Wood. The wood is sustainably harvested. It is also made in the USA by skilled craftspersons.

It is made with full-length exterior rails and random finger-jointed interior rails. The two sides may have a difference in color and texture. But it will not be noticeable once the block is installed properly. This is mainly because of the company’s commitment to using all parts of wood sustainably.

End grain construction and technology protects both the block at the cutlery. You can even use commercial grade kitchen tools and it will stay strong. The tough and heavy build of this block also prevents it from skidding on your countertop.

The block is easy to maintain, and therefore, it is a good alternative to granite and stone countertops. You can re-oil it from time to time using oil manufactured by the company itself, sold separately. This will keep it strong and shiny.

Some customer reviews were not happy with the packing. In some of the cases, the block arrived cracked or warped. Some of the reviews also mentioned that there’s noticeable warping despite careful care being taken. The edges are the most easily damaged as they are not protected properly.

However, most of the users are happy with the toughness of this block. Even on regular use with sharp knives, there are very few marks on its surface. With proper care, this block can last for years in your kitchen.


4. BamBoo Eco-Friendly Small Chopping Boards

BamBoo Eco-Friendly Small Chopping Boards

The 12×8 inches wooden block comes with a wooden spoon and fork. It won’t crack or splinter under a knife. The surface is also protected from scratches and knife marks. It is designed to prevent dulling of your knife as compared to other wood or plastic options.

It’s an easy-to-maintain product. You just have to wash it with warm, soapy water and dry it properly. It doesn’t require regular oiling. It also has a handle on one side for the perfect grip. The glue used is urea-formaldehyde, which is environment friendly and FDA approved.

As per the reviews, it is a sturdy block and doesn’t damage the knives. The handle is also perfect for lifting. It is also not too heavy to lift too. It can be put in a dishwasher and will not discolor or warp. The utensils are also a nice addition to the block and are just as strong. Overall, this is perfect for chopping meat and hence the best butcher block.


5. Freshware Bamboo Cutting Boards

Freshware Bamboo Cutting Boards

This set comprises three boards of different sizes. The large size is 13×9.5×3/8 inches. The medium size is 11×8.5×3/8 inches. And finally, the small size is 8x6x3/8 inches. These different sizes can take care of all your diverse needs. You can use both sides as cutting boards.

They are also easy to clean and care for. Bamboo is easier to clean than wood.. You can wash the blocks with water and soap and let them dry naturally. You can also use mineral oil from time to time to extend its life. You need to rub warm mineral oil in the direction of the grain. The oil needs to be soaked in properly before use.

The boards are made of antimicrobial Moso bamboo wood and are BPA and toxin-free. Thus, they are completely safe for your food as certified by FDA and LFGB. It is hypoallergenic and free of harmful chemicals and dyes. The set is a hundred percent organic and eco-friendly. The bamboo used is also renewable.

The boards do not dull the sharpness of your knives with use. Your board also resists damage from your knives despite everyday use. The top and bottom of the blocks are vertical. The middle part of the blocks is horizontal. This design endows them with additional length.

The handle is designed ergonomically for safe carrying and hanging when not in use. Due to this feature, you can use it as a serving tray as well. The reviews praise the boards’ sturdiness and versatility. They do however caution that the set is not dishwasher safe.


6. Neet Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

Neet Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

The thick and stylish block is 16.5x12x2 inches in size and weighs 5 pounds. Therefore, it will not crack from the impact of your knives nor will it dull your knives.. It is also antimicrobial and anti-bacterial. Its dense structure will also absorb any unpleasant odors.

The tight pores on its surface prevent it from accumulating liquids and stains. The grooves cut out on the sides can serve as handles. The absence of regular, bulky handles means less storage space is needed for these boards. These handles are designed to carry the hefty weight of the board.

The bamboo used to make the blocks is harvested sustainably and is renewable. Some customer reviews expressed dislike over the design and making of the board. The users mentioned that the board was warping and cracking.

But most reviews praised the quality of the board. The users liked the multi-purpose nature of the block. They also praised its strong structure and the smoothness of the surface. It is easy to clean and perfect for all your needs. This is a cheap and great option under $50.


7. Premium Acacia Cutting Board

Premium Acacia Cutting Board

The block is of the dimensions 17x13x1.4 inches and weighs 7 pounds. Being thick and heavy, it is suitable for frequent use. It has built-in juice grooves and handles. The juice grooves prevent liquid from spilling onto your countertops. The integrated handles can convert it into a tray or a trivet easily.

The Acacia wood used to make this high-end product is naturally durable. It also looks more attractive than other kinds of wood used to make blocks due to its distinctive grain pattern and color. The higher density of this block makes it better for your knives. They are also resistant to scratches.

This high-quality block comes pre-treated with mineral oil, but it is recommended to oil it once a month for maintenance.. It also comes with a beautiful gift box, making it a great housewarming present.

The reviews also mention that the price is quite reasonable for such a high-grade butcher block. Most users state that the board can last long with adequate care.


8. Daddy Chef End Grain Wood Cutting Board

Daddy Chef End Grain Wood Cutting Board

The block is made from a combination of hardwood such as oak. The dimensions of the board are 18x12x1.5 inches. The special glue of this board will not leave any knife marks or traces while cutting. The manufacturer recommends using ceramic knives on this board.

This well-built block has transparent silicone grippers beneath the board. . Because of this, it will not slip from your countertop while cutting. It will also not leave any traces on your countertop. The juice grooves on the surface will prevent any liquid from dripping down to your countertop. It is also coated with food-safe mineral oil and wax.

The block weighs a hefty 8 pounds. The reviews point out that this board is on the higher end in terms of price since it is an end-grain cutting board. But it is a long-lasting product if maintained properly. They provide the necessary friction to the board, as advertised.

There were some concerns regarding the vinegar-like smell of the block. The reviews also mentioned that it is very easy to clean. You can use a wet sponge to wipe it clean. It arrives in a nice-looking package so you can even consider giving it as a present.


9. Bambusi Bamboo Butcher Block Cutting Board

Bambusi Bamboo Butcher Block Cutting Board

This bamboo block has a unique design to suit all your chopping and cutting needs. The dimensions of this board are 13.5×13.5×1.5 inches, perfect for everything from meats to fruits. It weighs 5.5 pounds, which is neither too hefty nor too light to support its structure.

The best feature of this board is the pyramid-shaped ridges on one side. This will hold the meat in place while you chop it. You can chop and slice the foods without fear that it might slide. The pyramid ridges are surrounded by juice grooves. They help in collecting any liquid that might leak onto your counters.

These two features combine to ensure that your countertops remain clean. The reverse side of this block is flat. You can utilize this side to cut and slice fruits and vegetables. You can also use it as a prep station or a serving tray.

The board has a mineral oil finish and requires very little maintenance. These antibacterial properties of bamboo also serve as a natural disinfectant. You can just wash it with soapy water and apply mineral oil whenever necessary. The design of this block is very innovative and can make a great gift for your loved ones.

On an analysis of the reviews, this board meets all the requirements of the best butcher block. It will not only look gorgeous on your countertop but will also suffice diverse needs. The users are satisfied with their make and finish. Most of all, they love the grooves and ridges that keep their kitchens mess-free.


10. AzrHom Thick Butcher Block

AzrHom Thick Butcher Block

Made from the highest quality American Sugar Maple wood, this block has a unique color and texture. This material gives it more stability and durability over bamboo and other wooden boards. It does not cause bluntness in your knives even with regular use.

The block is reversible and can be used for cutting and chopping, or as a cheese board or charcuterie board. It has deep juice grooves to collect excess liquid. There are also inner handles built in it for convenient lifting and carrying.

The board comes pre-seasoned with cutting board oil and beeswax. The glue, seasoning, and beeswax are a hundred percent toxin-free. It is also easy to care for with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. It is advised to not put it in a dishwasher or subject it to high heat.

Some users found that the board is not very tough and can warp easily with limited use. However, most of the users found this butcher block to be decent in appearance and quality and is odour free. The users also remarked that it is worth the money. It can be a great choice for a butcher block under $80.


Numerous factors need to be considered before buying a butcher block. These blocks are available in different types of material: bamboo or wood. Some trees are sustainably and organically grown and then harvested to make the product. You can choose these for an environment-friendly option.

The thickness and weight of the block also matter. You cannot use simple cutting boards as butcher blocks unless they have the requisite thickness and durability. It is also advisable to pick a block that requires minimum maintenance and care. We hope this list will help you in comparing the features and then deciding on a good butcher block.


1.Do You Need To Oil A Butcher Block?

Yes, you need to periodically oil your butcher block as per the instruction manual. This adds to the longevity of the product.

2. Can You Put Hot Pans On A Butcher Block?

No, it is advisable to not rest any hot cookware on the butcher block. They can get damaged by excessive heat. The lamination, if any, may melt or peel off.

3. Is Butcher Block Sanitary?

Yes, butcher blocks are sanitary to chop meat and cut fruits and vegetables once they are sealed.

4. What Happens If You Don’t Seal The Butcher Block?

Dust and moisture can get into your butcher block if you don’t seal it. This can be quite unsanitary and also damage your block.

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