Best Bamboo Chopping Boards 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Royal 2. Greener Chef 3.  Farberware
Royal Craft Wood - Organic Bamboo Chopping Board Best Bamboo Chopping Boards

Greener Chef Extra Large Bamboo Chopping Board

Farberware Bamboo Chopping Board

Have you ever thought about switching to a healthier lifestyle? Ever started eating healthy in hopes of being healthy? Do you cut your salad ingredients on a plastic chopping board? A healthy diet starts the very moment your veggies touch the chopping board.

Chopping boards are an integral part of any diet. When a veggie or a fruit is cut on any surface, it comes in contact with bacteria present on the surface. The presence of these harmful bacteria is greater in chopping boards with deeper grooves.

These grooves are generally more pronounced in plastic chopping boards. Hence, the plastic boards contain more bacteria that can prove to be harmful to you.


What should you do in that case? You certainly cannot chop and dice on the kitchen counter. Think about how many knives will lose their edges over that hard granite.

The best solution to this problem comes in the form of the best bamboo chopping board. A bamboo chopping board is preparation for anyone looking to start a one hundred percent healthy diet.

Top 10 Best Bamboo Chopping Boards 2021

1. Royal Craft Wood – Organic Bamboo Chopping Board

Royal Craft Wood - Organic Bamboo Chopping Board Best Bamboo Chopping Boards

This is a beautiful bamboo chopping board set made of high-quality bamboo. The royal craft bamboo chopping board set consists of three chopping boards. Each board has a different dimension- starting from the smallest – 9x6x0.6 inches and up to the biggest – 15x10x0.6 inches.

Having no ‘legs’ on either side allows the boards to be used on both fronts. This doubles the durability of both the boards and your knives.

The boards are designed with the edge-grain pattern, and due to this, are highly durable. A non-toxic chopping surface provides the safest start to your dinner. Along with its edge is a deep juice groove, this juice groove holds all the secreted juices. This keeps your kitchen counter clean and stainless.

All the boards can be easily sanitized and washed. Being water-resistant reduces the chances of bacteria development inside the board.

The material is one hundred percent organic bamboo. It is durable and scratch-resistant. Due to this durability, the maintenance costs are low to none.

The boards have a classy modern design. With their minimal branding and timeless natural look, this set of bamboo chopping boards is truly beautiful addition to any kitchen.

The boards are available in sets of three and five.


2. Greener Chef Extra Large Bamboo Chopping Board

Greener Chef Extra Large Bamboo Chopping Board

This well crafted large bamboo chopping board is a high-quality budget chopping board. The Greener Chef is a single chopping board with base dimensions of 18×12.5 inches. The board is large enough to hold quite a lot of veggies and meat on top.

It has no standoffs on either side, this makes it possible to use the board from either side, resulting in increased durability.

This added durability is combined with durability from the edge-grain finish and bamboo’s inherent hardness. Resulting in an overall very high durability that ensures the use of every single penny spent.

Two juice grooves act as handles on either side of the board. This reduces the chance of any spillage during movement and prevents unwanted stains on your kitchen platform.

The board can be cleaned easily and washed with just as little effort. This ease of cleanliness allows for easy sanitization.

Designed with curved edges that act as handles, the design is ergonomically sound. The wood in the middle is oriented differently than the wood at the handle edges. A difference in orientation gives a fresh and modern look to the same old edge-grain pattern.

The board is also available in three more different unique sizes.


3. Farberware Bamboo Chopping Board

Farberware Bamboo Chopping Board

A highly affordable set of three bamboo chopping boards. Each chopping board has a unique size- starting from the smallest with dimensions 8×5.5 inches and the largest board having dimensions 14×11 inches. This large variation in size makes this set suitable for a wide variety of uses.

The bamboo boards are plain on both sides, making the two sides usable interchangeably, increasing the overall durability and lifetime.

An edge-grain design is visible in each beautiful board. This adds to the already high durability, making the boards last longer. All this added durability really adds up after years of heavy use, making the bamboo look relatively new.

Juice grooves are absent from these boards, and this can result in possible spillage of secreted juices. The absence of juice grooves also decreases the space for bacteria to hide in. This results in an easier cleaning process with no hard to reach spots.

It’s minimalist and ergonomic design is essentially a timeless classic. This simple and effective design allows the boards to blend in with any type of kitchen easily. However, the absence of any handle may result in a poor grip for some.

This set is among the best bamboo chopping board sets available out there. It is available only in a single style.


4. bamfitwell Bamboo Chopping Board

bamfitwell Bamboo Chopping Board

A set of four bamboo chopping boards, all available at a very affordable price. The boards vary both in shape and size. With the smallest having dimensions – 7.8×5.9×0.4 inches and the largest board coming in with dimensions – 16.9×11.8×0.8 inches.

This variety of sizes provides a chopping surface for all kinds of food. While the smallest board can be used as a platter to serve appetizers, the largest can be used to chop meat and vegetables at the same time.

Juice grooves are present in the largest board. Although the medium and smallest boards are lacking any such grooves, each board has its own unique feature. The medium sized boards are equipped with a side handler. Having a side handler reduces the chances of spillage and improves overall handling.

All the boards can be easily sanitized. Since the boards are mostly plain, bacteria won’t get room to hide and are easily neutralized.

Being pure organic bamboo, the boards are extremely durable. The edge-grain finish only adds to the durability as well as the overall beauty.

Designed with the ‘simple is better philosophy’, the bamfitwell bamboo chopping boards are a mix of modern and traditional designs. This set is among the best bamboo chopping board sets available at an affordable price.

This set is only available in a set of four.


5. EatNeat Bamboo Chopping Board
EatNeat Bamboo Chopping Board

A beautiful fusion between traditional simplicity and modern functionality. This set of two bamboo chopping boards goes all out in the size range department. With the smaller board being 10x8x0.75 inches and the larger being 18x12x0.75 inches in size.

Neither board in the set has any protrusions on either side. This allows the boards to be used on both sides, doubling its lifetime.

An edge-grain design results in increased durability. Around the center of the boards is a juice groove to hold all the extra juices and keep your counter clean. The surface is non-toxic, this non-toxicity is essential for any healthy meal.

Since the boards are easily washable, bacteria do not cling to the surface. This easy sanitization process is possible due to the absence of major grooves beside the juice grooves.

The boards are constructed with very durable organic bamboo, making the board hard and scratch-resistant which protects your knives.

With minimal branding and a real lavish look, the EatNeat bamboo chopping board set is a crown jewel in any beautiful kitchen.

Boasting overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, the EatNeat chopping board set is an irresistible combo with amazing customer feedback.

The set is available only in one style and size.


6. Caperci Bamboo Chopping Board

Caperci Bamboo Chopping Board

Among the lowest priced single chopping boards here, the Caperci bamboo chopping board is a modern take on a traditionally simple design. The board is fairly large with dimensions – 18×12 inches. It is large enough for chopping most vegetables and meats.

The board is flat on both sides and can be flipped over when one side starts developing deeper grooves. This process essentially doubles the use you can get out of the board.

The Caperci bamboo board sports an edge-grain design with wooden strips thinner than other boards. These thinner bamboo strips provide more durability than thicker strips. Along with its edge is a juice groove that goes all the way around and prevents juices from dripping.

Washing the board is easy due to its waterproof surface. Having a waterproof surface prevents juices from seeping into the board and ruining it from the inside.

This one hundred percent organic bamboo ensures a scratch-resistant surface. Maintenance costs are minimal thanks to the hardness of bamboo fibers.

A hole at one vertex makes the board very easy to handle even with wet hands. The same hole can also be used to hang it when not in use.

Only a single design option is available for this board. The Caperci bamboo board is the best bamboo chopping board for those with a low budget and high functionality needs.


7. Royal Craft Wood- Premium Bamboo Board

Royal Craft Wood- Premium Bamboo Board

A beautiful bamboo chopping board that does justice to the ‘premium’ in its name. Priced slightly higher than the average budget, this chopping board is available in multiple sizes. The sizes range from the smallest – 12×8 inches to the largest – 24×18 inches.

Each size is priced differently, according to their size. Such variety in sizes is especially useful for those on a tight budget, looking for a board of a specific size.

Thin strips of bamboo are arranged in the edge-grain pattern. The edge-grain formation increases the board’s durability. Increased durability allows for proper use of every penny spent on the board for the coming years.

Present along the edges is a deep juice groove that holds all the secreted juices and prevents drips. Along with the juice, grooves are two handles at either side of the board. The board can flip over but is not identical on both sides.

The bottom side does not have a juice groove and will not prevent drips.

The bamboo fibers are completely natural. These natural bamboo fibers make for a non-toxic chopping surface.

With an ergonomic design and a premium look to the bamboo, the premium bamboo chopping board is truly premium addition to any kitchen.


8. John Boos R01 Cutting Board

John Boos R01 Cutting Board

A perfect example of a product with which you must be careful with your budget. The John Boos R01 is a highly-priced bamboo chopping board. With dimensions – 18x12x1.5 inches, this average-sized chopping board is large enough for most household uses.

The board is reversible and perfectly identical on both sides. This doubles the already high durability, making your chopping board last possibly for several years.

An edge-grain finish provides even higher durability. The surface does not have any juice groove, allowing for possible drips. Two handles are embedded on either side of the frame. Other than the handles, the board is completely flat.

This board is the easiest to wash on this list. Due to the absence of any kind of groove on the chopping surface, washing is as simple as rinsing with water.

A minimalist design with almost no branding, the John Boos R01 is a designer product. While this may not justify the steep price tag for most, the product has a certain luxury element that justifies the price for some buyers.


9. Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Chopping Board

Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Chopping Board

A sizable, affordable bamboo chopping board, with a size that’s sufficient for most households. Available in dimensions – 17×12 inches, the board is unexpectedly large considering its low price.

With a design simpler than most other chopping boards in the same price range, the Utopia Kitchen bamboo chopping board is a purist’s dream. Its edge-grain design is simple and effectively increases the board’s durability.

Its center is surrounded by a juice groove that holds all the secreted juices, preventing drips and acting as a makeshift handle.

The board can be flipped over and used with either face on top. This effectively doubles the board’s lifetime. Already high durability is dialed up to eleven using this simple technique.

Being made of a hundred percent organic bamboo, the chopping board can be cleaned very easily and sanitized just as easily. With a scratch-resistant surface, you can use your sharpest knives without any worries.

Moreover, the customer reviews on this chopping board are majorly positive with only positive comments and recommendations for the board.

The Utopia Kitchen bamboo chopping board is available in a pack of one and a pack of two.


10. Freshware Bamboo Chopping Board

Freshware Bamboo Chopping Board

A basic and affordable bamboo chopping board set. Included in the set are three bamboo chopping boards with dimensions – 8×6 inches up to 13×9.5 inches. The different sizes of these chopping boards increase functionality according to your needs.

These chopping boards are designed to be usable on both sides, increasing durability and reducing stress on your knives. They are constructed with an edge-grain design to further increase durability. A simple design entails an absence of juice grooves, which results in a possible drip hazard.

Being a simple design, the board lacks any grooves for bacteria to cling to. This makes the cleaning process as simple as a quick wash.

The set is made of pure natural bamboo. Which provides scratch resistance and antibacterial properties.

Freshware’s bamboo chopping board is among the best bamboo chopping boards set available at a low price.



What Is So Special About A Bamboo Chopping Board?

Bamboo is historically among the most valuable and useful materials ever used by humans. Its high strength and low weight make bamboo an essential crafting raw material.

Bringing this rare combination of qualities to the modern-day kitchen in the form of a bamboo chopping board has proven to be a marvelous idea. A perfect example of efficient and long term solutions available at affordable prices.

The best bamboo chopping boards are hard, lightweight, durable, reliable, and beautiful chopping surfaces. This surface not only adds to the aesthetic quality of your kitchen but also contributes to the overall quality of the food.

Due to its durability, bamboo chopping boards do not sustain damage easily and can last for years. If taken care of with proper methods, some of the best bamboo chopping boards can even last for decades!

Due to its toughness, bamboo does not sustain grooves easily. This absence of grooves leaves no room for bacteria to hide, they can be easily killed with a simple wash.

While the best bamboo chopping boards can be disinfected easily, the same cannot be said for plastics. Grooves are easily formed in plastics. These grooves house bacteria and slowly degrade the structural integrity of the board.

Bamboo is clearly a terrific material choice for chopping boards. The best bamboo chopping boards are durable, free of bacteria, and beautiful.

Factors To Keep In Mind When Buying A Bamboo Chopping Board

Most qualities of a good chopping board are inherent in the best bamboo chopping boards. It can be difficult to imagine what other factors are essential to keep in mind. But since everyone has their special needs, it can be tough for one board to cater to all demands.

As an example, if you are willing to compromise on the functionality of the board over its looks. Such cases arise frequently while shopping. The right decision is often barely any different than the wrong decision but can result in a completely different future for you and your kitchen.

Here is a list of important factors to look out for when choosing the best bamboo chopping board.

1. Washability

The most essential quality of a bamboo chopping board is that it can be washed, rinsed, and sanitized with ease. While selecting the best bamboo chopping board for yourself, it is important to do your research about how easily the board can be sanitized.

2. End-grain Or Edge-grain

While choosing the best bamboo chopping board for yourself, you will most likely come across two recurring patterns. The two patterns,end-grain, and edge-grain are a deciding factor in any wooden board’s durability.

The end-grain arrangement looks like a series of bamboo cubes arranged next to each other. Boards with this arrangement are observed as being slightly less durable. Although, they can be a bit easier on your knives.

The edge-grain arrangement looks like lengthy wooden blocks placed next to each other. Bamboo chopping boards with this structure have been seen as more durable. This extra durability comes at a price, these boards are rougher for the knives, resulting in duller edges.

Choosing the right structure is personal preference- do you value the board’s durability or your knife’s edge?

3. Price

Selecting the right bamboo chopping board is essential considering its health benefits and long life. That being said, blowing your entire savings on a fancy chopping board from luxury brands is not a bright idea.

A chopping board is only a simple wooden block, and hence it is relatively cheap. Still, some brands may try to overcharge you for a glorified bamboo stand.

Ask yourself how much you really need that expensive model and if it fits in your budget. If it doesn’t fit in your budget, don’t buy it. Remember, it’s just wood. Don’t spend obscene amounts of money on it.

4. Beauty

What is more important in our lives than beauty? The best bamboo chopping boards are nothing if not beautiful. Sporting a classy brown look with long bamboo wood pieces along its length
(edge-grain), a bamboo chopping board can genuinely make your kitchen look beautiful.

Selecting the bamboo chopping board that fits your kitchen’s aesthetic is essential. Look for recurring patterns in your house and buy the board that best compliments the house’s style.

Good looks, health, and durability from the same chopping board? That’s the specialty of the best bamboo chopping boards.

5. Size And Shape

Avoid chopping boards with any legs or standoffs. Remember that you want to use the chopping board from both sides. Having these standoffs on one side will completely make that side useless.

This essentially means that the bamboo chopping board will last only half as long. Using a board that is plain on both sides allows you to flip the board over once the first side is well worn.

The size of the chopping board is completely dependent on your needs. However, most chefs recommend that the best bamboo chopping boards are of the dimensions- 15×20 inches.

Here’s a list of the best bamboo chopping boards. Keep in mind the factors mentioned above before making an informed choice.

The Final Verdict

Buying the best bamboo chopping board is an extremely easy task, considering you know what to look for and what your priorities are. Selecting the best bamboo chopping board can mean the difference between money well spent on a long-lasting kitchen tool and a waste of money.

Bamboo is among the strongest of natural woods and has been used in chopping boards since ancient times. The fact that bamboo is making a return to modern kitchens shows just how efficient the old ways were.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Bamboo Make A Good Chopping Board?

Yes, bamboo is naturally scratch resistant and highly durable, which makes bamboo an excellent choice for a long lasting chopping board material. Moreover, bamboo is a fast growing grass. This allows bamboo trees to be used frequently as they are a renewable resource.

Bamboo is an excellent eco-friendly choice for chopping board construction material. Also bamboo is harder than most woods, meaning it lasts longer than wooden chopping boards.

2. Are Bamboo Chopping Boards Toxic?

No, bamboo is perhaps the farthest thing from toxic. Since bamboo has many medicinal uses, it simply cannot be toxic. Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, easy to clean and readily available.

Unless coated with some external chemical, bamboo chopping boards are non-toxic by nature.

3. How Do I Sanitize A Bamboo Chopping Board?

Disinfecting a bamboo chopping board is quite simple. Using hot soapy water to clean the board and then rubbing it with mineral oil to lock in the moisture is all that’s needed to keep a bamboo chopping board clean.

4. Should I Oil A Bamboo Chopping Board?

Yes, oiling a bamboo chopping board with mineral oils locks in moisture. This moisture helps in preventing any possible splitting of the wood. Moreover, this locked in moisture gives the wood a lovely dark look.

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