Video: Turning and Ice Dispenser Into A Candy Machine

Coming up on Valentine’s day I decided to make something fun for the lady.  I noticed she always kept candy in the freezer and swore that it tasted better that way.  Fair enough.  So as a little present I decided to turn our refrigerator’s ice cube dispenser into a freezing cold candy machine.  I picked up a few bags of her favorites and armed only with an x-acto knife, tape measure, duct tape and foam core, I made possible so that when the ice lever is pushed on the fridge door candy shoots out!  Instructions after the jump.

Here’s a brief walkthrough.  The process is relatively easy so I’ll keep it simple.

The basic idea here is to create and angled ramp for the candy, so that it’s own weight will carry itself into the rotating dispenser gear.  Filling the tub itself doesn’t work due to the size of the candy, the result is there is not enough kinetic force driving the candy out of the hole, so it just sits there sad and uneaten.


X-acto Knife

Tape Measure

Duct Tape



Step One: Remove Ice tub from fridge and clean it.  They are surprisingly dirty.  This is mine:

Step Two: Measure the inside width of the tub.  Also, measure at about a 45 degree angle from the dispenser opening to the top rim. As shown at :16 and :20 in the video

Step Three: Measure from the base of the tub to the center of the drive shaft at a 45 degree angle.  This is because you are going to cut a slit and circular hole the foam core so you can slide in the ramp in and the shaft can still spin and function correctly.

Step Four:  Using your X-acto cut the width and height of the foam core from the previous measurement to fit within the tub.  Then mark the metal shaft point and cut a circular hole slight larger than the circumference of the drive shaft.  From that hole cut a small strip to the base of your foam core toward the exit side of the ramp, :33 in the video.  You can do a width slightly smaller than the shaft diameter as the foam core does had a bit of give.  The base of my ice tub has two tapered edges on each side so I did two simple cuts to accomodate.  Complete cut is below.

Step Five: Slide ramp into tub to see if it fits, :44 in the video.  Make any adjustment cut so that is somewhat flush and there’s no holes for the candy to slip through.  Make sure the top of the ramp runs flush with the tub rim so it doesn’t get caught on the track system or other freezer hardware.

Step Six: Tape it down.  Use duct tape to secure the top and bottom of the ramp to the tub.  Then one final piece of tape across the top of the ramp for good measure.

Step 7: You’re pretty much done.  Mix the candy in the bowl and fill the inside of the ramp.

Step 8: Slide the tub back into the freezer.  Close door and make sure your dispenser is set to cube and not crush.  Push ice lever and enjoy!

Note: I tried a couple different methods before finding this was the best one, so if you decide to do this for yourself and run into a roadblock shoot me a message in the comments and we will trouble shoot it.

10 thoughts on “Video: Turning and Ice Dispenser Into A Candy Machine

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  2. I have a question! Won’t your fridge’s ice maker still want to make ice? Where does that ice go, before your kids have a chance to get the candy all out? Will it fall into the other section of the ice container?

    • Hello. In our ice dispenser there is a bar in the upper part of the actual ice maker that you can flip up to stop the machine from making ice. Basically an on/off lever. But, you can modify the angle of the ramp so the ice falls behind the ramp and you can reach over the candy and get it.

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