Fouchebags: Reason #317856 why cooks hate Yelpers.

Shoot me.  In the eyes.  With blinding acid.  Every time I use yelp for more than just finding a location or business hours, I die a little inside.  But, just when I thought I’d lost all hope, in comes Vanessa defending ramen with the fury of a thousand chopsticks:

Oh wait.  Now I feel worse. You can find me at Rai Rai Ken using tears to salt my broth.

2 thoughts on “Fouchebags: Reason #317856 why cooks hate Yelpers.

  1. Just tell them to watch DramaFever and see if they start cravng Ramyun with a fury. LOL 😛
    I crave the stuff. I boil a pinch of shredded cabbage and then the noodles. Add two green onions and a 3-5 drops of sesamee oil at the end and see if they change their mind. 🙂

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